26th April to 2nd May

In this report, we would like to confirm some of the developments from Week 17.

  1. We had our first zoom meeting with David Gokhshtein and Ross MacDonald to develop a marketing plan.
  2. We were KYC approved by Assure Defi to ensure security for all buyers of $TFC and $pYUK. This was our second confirmed KYC.
  3. Development of Triforce retro-themed video games began and developers were paid.
  4. The development of vaults and other utilities for Triforce and Pyukumuku is close to being finalized.
  5. Formal plans for further marketing have been agreed upon. With some marketers already being paid.

We are very excited to bring further developments in Week 18.

Please visit the following links to learn more about Triforce Protocol & its farm token Pyukumuku!!



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A deflationary token with multi-functional mechanisms on the Binance Smart Chain $TFC