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3 min readApr 23, 2021


We are proud to announce that Triforce Protocol will be partnering with to bring you a limited run of cannabis-inspired Nintendo NFTs along with a custom Nintendo Switch Lite giveaway. We see this partnership as a celebration of the classic combination of old-school gaming and cannabis which so many enjoy!

Introducing the Super Smash Collection

The Super-Smash NFTs will include some of your favorite Nintendo characters such as Super Mario, Princess Peach, and Diddy Kong.

Triforce Protocol x - Super Smashed Collection pt.1

The Super Smash limited NFT collection can be minted on both the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and the Ethereum Network (ETH). All NFTs will be available for sale on the Unifty and Rarible markets, respectively.

Each NFT will be limited to 50 initial mints.

Furthermore, an additional 10 Super-Smash NFTs will be available on the GANJA NFT Farm and there will also be an NFT airdrop for those in the Smokers Club.

For more details on $GANJA and the Smokers Club please visit

We hope you love the look of these NFTs! Much like our partners at , we always try to innovate to do something unique for the market.

Super Smashed Custom Nintendo Switch Lite Giveaway

As per the tradition in Triforce Protocol, we also have an incredible giveaway that celebrates the project and our love for video gaming.

We have created 2 limited edition Super Smashed Nintendo Switch Lite consoles which will only be available via this giveaway.

You do not want to miss out on having the chance to own your very own $TFC x Nintendo Switch Lite. These consoles are very rare!

To qualify for the giveaway, you must hold or stake a minimum of 750 $TFC tokens.

2 winners will be selected at 6pm UTC on Sunday May 2nd

Multiple entries are allowed if you have more than one wallet which qualifies.

In addition to owning a qualified wallet, you can earn additional entries by creating posts on social media and helping to grow the Triforce Protocol community.

Twitter — Create a tweet that includes @TFCProtocol $TFC and @treesfinance $GANJA $BLAZE which has been created after April 22nd.

Reddit — Create a thread or comment on an existing thread discussing Triforce Protocol.

YouTube — Publish a video that has been created after April 22nd, which discusses or showcases Triforce Protocol

TikTok — Publish a video that has been created after April 22nd, which promotes Triforce Protocol

4Chan — Create a thread on 4Chan discussing Triforce Protocol. Thread must be created after April 22nd.

Please provide your qualifying wallet alongside your additional entries to the Google Form provided below:

Disclaimer: All winners of this competition will be required to send 1 $TFC token to ourselves. This is to prove ownership of any provided wallets, and ensure no scamming or cheating is going on.

Partner Info: is the first 100% community-driven token ecosystem on the Binance Smart Chain. There are currently two tokens within the ecosystem, $GANJA & $BLAZE.

To learn more about $GANJA please read:

To learn more about $BLAZE please read:




A deflationary token with multi-functional mechanisms on the Binance Smart Chain $TFC