TRIFORCE PROTOCOL is excited to announce our brand new LAUNCHPAD, beginning with a Crypto Gaming token 👾🦇MOONBAT 👾 developed in partnership with DeFi Magic 🐉



Moonbat token is the first token being launched via the Triforce Launchpad. This Launchpad will revolutionize the way that we raise capital for our project — allowing us to move into the next phase of Triforce and take the project to a whole new level 🚀

Keep reading to learn about the several benefits this announcement means for you.

What is a Crypto Launchpad?

Crypto projects are finding new and improved ways to raise capital. With the industry becoming more legitimized with institutional adoption, there has been a paradigm shift in the way that projects raise money. Crypto launchpads are new and innovative because they provide a safer platform for new investors to buy in than previous ICO models in the past.

This means that our new launchpad which has been powered by DeFi Magic🐉 will give holders of Triforce access to the early sale of MOONBAT.

This is an exclusive opportunity only for TRIFORCE PROTOCOL👾 investors.

What does this mean for TRIFORCE investors?

Members of the TRIFORCE PROTOCOL community will gain exclusive access to the presale of Moonbat token which rewards its holders, meaning that you passively earn MATIC TOKENS.

Moonbat aligns with our ultimate goal of providing a new and improved platform for upcoming game developers to connect with their buyers. Moonbat can be looked at as an extension of Triforce, expanding the horizons for creativity as well as new dynamic features.

This huge and exciting new partnership is just the beginning of Triforce Protocol, and we can’t wait to reveal what’s next.




A deflationary token with multi-functional mechanisms on the Binance Smart Chain $TFC