TFC Presents: Our first official video game — which rewards players with Cryptocurrency

Triforce Protocol continuously strives to recreate a new and improved ecosystem, providing a platform where new and upcoming developers can host their games — and players are rewarded with NFT & Crypto prizes.

Now the long wait is We are excited to announce a brand new video game created exclusively for our fantastic community.

Introducing: U RUGGED ME

A classic reimagined

You remember this game. You know, the one that got you in detention for playing in school? Well, we remade it. That’s right! In fact, we upgraded it, with more levels, harder boss fights, and hidden easter eggs. But there’s more… the game you with cryptocurrency prizes!

In U RUGGED ME, play as Chad, a blood-thirsty trader who aped his life savings into a crypto project that he believed in. After getting rugged hard, Chad goes on a rampage, bursting into the headquarters of the crypto company and wreaking havoc on everything in his sight. Chad quickly realizes his redemption mission won’t be as straightforward as he hoped for, however, with multiple waves of gun-equipped enemies on each level. Hidden throughout the game are secret codes. Can you find them all for a chance to win BNB 👀?



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