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Since our launch, we have participated in many community giveaways. This has been seen through our Ask Me Anything sessions with communities such as Gem Collectors and Professionals Review. We have also had some big giveaways launched on Twitter with big influencers such as @BitcoinBro303 and @ScottZilWarrior.

These have been very successful in expanding the Triforce Protocol brand and bring many new followers to our social media accounts. Now however it is time for us to provide some prizes to the loyal holders of the $TFC tokens.

What can I win?

We have a collection of some of the greatest Nintendo consoles from the original NES all the way through the Nintendo Switch. All holders of $TFC tokens will have the opportunity to win some of these insane prizes. We want to honor our theme by allowing our investors to enjoy some of the most classic games ever published on their original consoles. Alongside each console are rare accessories and Legend of Zelda games.

In addition to the consoles, the winners will also be rewarded with $100 of BNB. This can go toward some additional $TFC tokens or maybe some additional games for your new console.

How can I enter the giveaway?

It is simple. The only mandatory requirement to enter the competition is to prove that you hold or stake a minimum of 750 $TFC tokens. In the google form provided below, you will be able to provide your wallet address that holds the tokens, alternatively, you can provide the transaction in which you staked your tokens to the pool on Multiple entries are allowed if you do have multiple addresses which either hold or stake $TFC.

Furthermore, we will also be allowing our supporters to earn additional entries into the competition. This can be done by utilizing the following social media platforms:

Twitter — Create a tweet that includes $TFC and @TFCProtocol which has been created after April 14th.

Reddit — Create a thread or comment on an existing thread discussing Triforce Protocol.

YouTube — Publish a video that has been created after April 14th, which discusses the project. We will also allow for any meme-type content which is related to $TFC.

TikTok — Publish a video that has been created after April 14th, which discusses the project. Again, we will also allow for any meme-type content related to $TFC.

4Chan — Create a thread on 4Chan discussing Triforce Protocol. Thread must be created after April 14th.

We will also be judging all social media entries based upon their creativity and effort. If we feel the content that you have created is amazing, we will grant another entry into the competition. It will be judged for the content itself, not for the number of likes or shares associated with the post, so do not be concerned if you don’t have many followers as we understand that you will not all have thousands of followers on these platforms.

We’d also like to confirm that individuals can win multiple prizes within the competition, so if it does interest you in potentially winning multiple consoles and multiple BNB prizes, then we highly recommend that you take advantage of the social media aspect of the competition, as it will greatly boost your chances of winning!

Google Form

Please provide your wallet or proof of stake on the Google Form provided below. In this form, you will also be able to provide URLs to your various social media posts which can grant additional entries into the competitions.


All winners of this competition will be required to send 1 $TFC token to ourselves. This is to prove ownership of any provided wallets, and ensure no scamming or cheating is going on.

We are very grateful for all of your support for Triforce Protocol, and we can’t wait to provide more updates and events for you all in the future. To learn more about the project please visit:








A deflationary token with multi-functional mechanisms on the Binance Smart Chain $TFC