Quillhash Audit Finds 👾$TFC👾 Token Contract 100% SAFU

2 min readApr 16, 2021

TRIFORCE Protocol is proud to announce that the $TFC token contract has completed a smart contract audit conducted by Quillhash which has found the contract to be 100% SAFU.

Audit Details

During the period of April 5th, 2021 to April 9th, 2021 — QuillHash Team performed a security audit for the TRIFORCE TFC Pool smart contract. The code for audit was taken from the following link:

High severity issues

No Issues Found.

Medium severity issues

No Issues Found.

Low severity issues

11 Issues found which are minor details and warnings that can remain unfixed but would be better fixed at some point in the future.

Summary of Findings

  • Overall, the $TFC smart contract code is extremely well documented and adheres to ERC20/BEP20 guidelines.
  • It follows a high-quality software development standard, contains many utilities and automation scripts to support continuous deployment/testing/integration.
  • Further, it does NOT contain any obvious exploitation vectors that QuillHash was able to leverage within the timeframe of testing allotted.
  • During the final audit procedure, no high or medium severity issues were found. 11 low severity issues were found but are minor details the team may choose to update in the future to further optimize the smart contract code.
  • No instances of Re-entrancy or Backdoor Entry that can create vulnerabilities were found as well.

View Full Audit Report:




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