Introducing TRIFORCE

4 min readApr 2, 2021
May The FORCE Be With You!


TRIFORCE is a decentralized protocol that seeks to encompass multi-functional mechanisms using its deflationary token $TFC.

  • Automatic liquidity generation.
  • Frictionless rewards to token holders.
  • Automated rebalancer function.
  • Token burn.

This is driven by TRIFORCETRIad of Fee levied On each tRansaCtion.

$TFC Transaction Fee

  • On each transaction (sell, buy, and transfer) of $TFC, the following fees are levied.
    - 3% Liquidity Fee (to automatically generate liquidity).
    - 3% Tax Fee (to reward holders).
    - 3% Burn Fee (to decrease the supply and create higher market price).
  • Example: (For a transaction to buy 3333 tokens)
    - 99.99 tokens as a fee to automatically generate liquidity.
    - 99.99 tokens as a fee to reward holders.
    - 99.99 tokens as a fee to burn.
    So, the buyer receives 3333- (99.99 + 99.99 + 99.99) = 3033.33 tokens.

Mechanisms of $TFC

1. Automatically Generates Liquidity

  • Apart from the liquidity pool created initially, $TFC provides for generating liquidity with the help of its transactions.
  • Whenever someone sends a transaction using the $TFC token, 3% of that transaction is sent to the token contract. (3% liquidity fee)
  • Over time, the stored $TFC tokens accumulate until they reach a threshold (set as 10,000 $TFC).
  • Once this threshold is reached, half of the stored $TFC is sold in the market for $BNB.
  • The $BNB and remaining half of $TFC is then used to create a Pancake LP token. The LP token is then stored inside of the contract where it is secure and can never be transferred out.
  • Over time, the liquidity stored inside of the contract grows bigger and bigger, which creates a price-floor for $TFC.
  • Since this step is a high-gas transaction, whoever happens to initiates this transaction is automatically rewarded with 200 $TFC tokens.
Auto Liquidity Generation

2. Frictionless rewards to holders

  • $TFC token benefits every holder with a charge of 3% fee in every transaction on the blockchain, redistributes to every wallet holder automatically based on the amount of $TFC token in their wallets.

3. Token burn on each transaction

  • 3% of tokens involved in every transaction on the blockchain are burned forever to increase demand and create a higher market price.

4. Automated Buy Backs

  • Apart from the above, $TFC ensures that its price is constantly increasing in value against $BNB. For this, it uses a salient mechanism called Rebalancing which is executed after one hour (automatically initiated by a transaction from a token holder holding more than 1000 $TFC tokens).


  • The protocol removes 3% of the liquidity (Pancake LP tokens) locked inside the contract. This is broken down into $BNB and $TFC.
  • The $BNB so obtained is used to market-buy $TFC.
  • 95% of these $TFC tokens are burned and the rest 5% of $TFC is rewarded to the caller of the transaction which invokes the rebalancer (since it is a high-gas mechanism).

The result is a balanced liquidity pool at a higher market price. It ensures that $TFC price is constantly increasing in value against $BNB.

Considering Ethereum’s heavy gas fees and subsequent congestion that pains us on Uniswap, the near costless PancakeSwap platform offered on BSC will allow us to perform these mechanisms with a low gas fee and less congestion.

With the combined FORCE of TRIad of fees, TRIFORCE seeks to incentivize HOLDERS and create a base to expand its utility towards a grand vision.

TRIFORCE Ecosystem

  • The TRIFORCE ecosystem will be a two token system with TRIFORCE($TFC), its farm token Pyukumuku($pYUK) and will also include NFT’s.
  • In short, the users will have the following options:
    - Stake $TFC to earn more $TFC, NFT’s and an opportunity to get into the private sale of the farm token $pYUK.
    - Stake $TFC to farm $pYUK
    - Stake $pYUK to farm NFT’s via a point system
  • More elaborate details of the $TFC staking rewards, the farm token $pYUK, and the NFT marketplace will be updated.


  • We have an exciting series of activities planned for the future of the TRIFORCE Protocol.
Roadmap Phase I
  • Forthcoming phases will be announced soon, as our team is finalizing key partnerships.


  • Hardcap: 1400 BNB (via Private sale)
  • Liquidity: 53.57% ( 1 year lock)
  • Development/Team/Marketing: 46.43%


  • Max Supply: 10,000,000
  • Presale: 50%
  • Liquidity: 23.8 %
  • Staking Rewards: 26.2 %
  • Presale Price: 1 BNB = 3546 $TFC
  • Listing Price: 1 BNB = 3173 $TFC




A deflationary token with multi-functional mechanisms on the Binance Smart Chain $TFC